Queen City Yacht Club Service Upgrade ─ Seattle, WA

Project Type: Tenant Improvement

Size: 255 boat slips across 3 piers

Description: Project includes mitigation of voltage drop issues for power pedestals at slips furthest from the source of power.  Study and investigation into existing dock conditions showed voltage drop and service demand side overload conditions for the supplied service voltage to the site that needed to be corrected.  The project also included upgrading power pedestal sizes to a majority of the slips in an effort to accommodate larger vessels. 

Develop utility and shore power solutions consisting of changing out the serving utility voltage to take advantage of higher amperage conditions utilizing new conductors pulled through existing raceways already in place. This solution requires replacement of existing on-shore utility service equipment, placement of new marine grade unit substations/transformers on existing docks to deliver power to new power pedestals installed in all the existing marina slips. 

Design includes extensive investigation and development of slip-level voltage drop analysis tools, design of new shore-side utility service equipment, design of dockside unit substation equipment/new power pedestals and full utility coordination/service application processing.

Queen City Yacht Club Service Upgrade - Redesign ─ Seattle, WA

Project Type: Tenant Improvement

Size: 255 boat slips across 3 piers 

Description: Project includes redesign to reduce cost by revising 50 amp, 120/204 volt shore power outlets to double 30 amp, 120 volt shore power outlets.  Design includes confirmation of MSS sizing to assure future capacity to change out of double 30 amp, 120 volt shore outlets to 50 amp, 120/240 volt shore power outlets.

Yarrow Bay Marina Suites ─ Kirkland, WA

Project Type: Renovation

Size: 8,900-ft²

Description: Project includes build-out of office space.  Design includes power, lighting, design and location of equipment connections and mechanical systems coordination.

Salmon Bay Marina and Office Park - Fisherman's Terminal Ballard - Seattle, WA

Project Type: New Construction

Size: 74,500-ft²

Description: Project includes a 14-slip large ship marina and office park, consisting of five independent office/marina repair buildings at Fisherman's Terminal.  Design includes ship-side service for entire marina dock and build out for two of the planned office buildings with an included single residential tenant unit on top, as well as utility coordination of Seattle City Light primary, secondary, and tele/data coordination.

Lopez Island Shoal Bay Marina Expansion ─ Lopez Island, WA

Project Type: New Construction

Size: 700-ft²

Description: Project includes two new 350-ft² piers with 30 slips each for permanent moorage of private an commercial boats. Design includes distribution design for self-contained service pedestals along with state of the art wireless metering and provisions for LAN and cable TV.