Your project : our knowledge

Small by design, our priority is to stay connected with projects and clients.

A real-world approach to a digitally designed world comes from accumulated knowledge, reaching across both architectural and contractor boundaries.

Experience matters, sets us apart and gives us the foresight to ascertain conditions that might otherwise be overlooked.

From our decades of working in this field, we know having the right team at the table is how success happens.



 Services provided by BrN Engineering:  

  • Electrical Engineering – Power (both Primary and secondary Voltage systems)
  • Generator, generator controls, load shed, load modeling and interface coordination design
  • Alternative Power Systems (ie: Solar PV, Wind Turbine, etc)
  • Lighting design / Photometric analysis (AGI Software)
  • Lighting Controls Design / best fit system evaluation assessments
  • BIM 3D design (Autocad Revit / MEP)
  • Tele/data cabling/infrastructure support/design
  • Specialty Systems Design (incl: security, access control, CCTV)
  • LEED/Energy Sustainability (Electrical Only)
  • 30-day Demand analysis (rent/provide meter logging equipment for demand side load analysis)
  • Power systems harmonics metering analysis
  • Available fault coordination and ARC flash analysis
  • Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Services
  • Commissioning Services (Electrical Only w/subcontract Mechanical)
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) Services
  • Master Planning/Feasibility Studies
  • Utility Infrastructure design, planning, liaison services
  • Utility Rebate analysis/procurement services
  • Federal Tax Incentive Analysis (Epact)
  • At BrN, we also pride ourselves on being awarded multiple on-call (IDIQ) contracts with many different clients who understand and rely on our experience to solve their day to day problem.

IDIQ Experience

If you’re looking for IDIQ* type services that require immediate assistance, BrN has extensive experience with user on-call and work order type contract arrangements and we work in this fashion with multiple type agencies and corporate entities. BrN has structured its management style and philosophy to meet the challenges of these types of arrangements knowing that often they come with a sense of urgency. Examples of BrN’s IDIQ contracts include:

Client / Contract

King County - Multidisciplinary Design Services (2015-Present)       

City of Seattle – On Call Small Works Roster (2010-2016)   

City of Seattle – MEP small works roster (2010-2017)         

GSA – On Call Small Works (2010-Present)                             

University Village / On Call CA support (2012-2014)           

Boeing (2011-2016)                                                            


 *IDIQ is a U.S. federal government contracting acronym meaning indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity. This is a type of contract that provides for an indefinite quantity of supplies or services during a fixed period of time








 # of Work Orders

  9 +